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a Family Management Solution designed by families for families

The Family Core Platform custom tailors to your unique family dynamic.


Our family management software is the first to offer the safety and security of full HIPPA and COPPA compliance. Here's why that matters.

Our mission is to provide parents and their families with the best family management tools to keep everyone connected. In today's busy world, we've found that creating an anchor point of clarity and connection can decrease family stress and increase family harmony, enabling a great quality of life for your entire core. 


Our innovative family organization platform helps families stay connected, informed and involved through these integrated features:

Real Time Activity Feed

See what your family members have been up to on the platform.


Start a conversation in the family communication center.

Shared Calendars

Stay in-the-loop with everyone's events and appointments.

Task Delegation & Management

Hold your kiddos accountable by assigning them to their "to-do's" list.

Secure Document Sharing Center

Safely and securely share documents, including sensitive information, to those you select.

Contact Library

Keep an up-to-date family rolodex and select who has access to each entry.

Secure Family Account & Password Book

Safely store family account and password information in one secure place for future reference and sharing.

Customizable Account Roles & Permissions

Account admins can customize the permissions and access for every person they invite including: young children, children with device access, Spouses, Co-Parents, Nannies, Family Attorney's and more!

Unrivaled Safety and Security

The Family Core is the only HIPPA and COPPA compliant family management software on the market. This means you can truly use it to manage all details of your family, including medical documents and other sensitive information personal to you. 

Our pin-based technology, two-factor authentication and additional security measures ensure that the platform is a safe and secure place for your family to gather.

Learn about our two-factor authentication login process and the hotlink feature that will keep you safe AND fast!

About the Platform

Dynamic to Fit YOUR Family

Our proprietary platform custom tailors to your family dynamic and has features that help you prepare for the future. 

Family Types

  • Nuclear Families

  • Blended Families

  • Co-Parents 

  • Parallel Parents

  • Families Transitioning through Divorce

  • Single Parents

  • Guardianships

  • Taking care of Aging Parents

Family Roles

  • Parent

  • Step Parent

  • Legal Guardian

  • Child

  • Caretaker

  • Family Member

  • Friend

  • Professional Provider (such as an estate planner, family lawyer etc.)

Account Roles

  • Account Owner (the person who starts the account)

  • Admins - (people who can add and delete items in the account)

  • Member - (people who have been invited to participate)

Account Permissions

Account owners are empowered to create the access and permissions to support their family. Whether that's view-only, edit-access or even if it's a mix of both that the account owner sets for each member of their Family Core, when we say custom-tailored, we mean it! 

Preparing for the Future

  • Young Child Accounts -  there is nothing more frustrating than having to set up a fake email for an infant. With The Family Core, you don't have to do that. Simply add your young child and select the option that they are not an active user. You can still manage their details just as you would any other family member. The best part? When they are old enough, simply grant them access. 

  • Legal Accounts - none of us want to think about not being here to raise our family. Yet all of us get to prepare, just in case. Our platform has been thoughtfully prepared for those moments so that you can designate your Family Core to be transferred to the guardian(s) you've chosen. 

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