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Divorce can be messy. No doubt, this is not where you planned to be. You have many choices ahead of you and we want to encourage you to choose the kids first and foremost.

Supportive Suggestions for Kids

  • Honor your feelings - it's okay to not be okay

  • Honor your parents - they are still your parents

  • Be open - communicate your feelings with both parents

  • Know that YOU did NOT do anything to create this divorce

  • Ask for help if you are feeling overwhelmed or upset

Supportive Suggestions for Parents

  • Vent to a counselor, not your kids

  • Do not force your kids to be your emotional spouse

  • Don't talk poorly about the other parent

  • Give your kids space to process the transition

  • Avoid overwhelming them with questions when they return home

Tips and Tricks
Our Mission to Support YOU.

We understand the pain, grief, frustration, uncertainty, and fear that follows a family separation. We also understand the hope, struggles, and faith that it takes to move forward in creating a blended family. We know because we have been there. 

That is why we created the Family Core. It allows parents, co-parents, step-parents, grandparents, children, and caregivers to all be part of a family unit where communication is simple, structured, and secure. Communication is one of the more stressful aspects of transitioning families. We have created a tool that allows clear communication and exchange of secure information without it getting messy. As we like to say....#OrganizeLife


Events can be calendared with reminders for pick-ups and drop-offs set up. Essential documents, legal agreements, and medical forms can be loaded with access protection and following all HIPPA and COPPA compliance rules. Families can chat, check in, and keep track of all upcoming events all in one location. 

While this time is not easy, we are offering one easy solution for you to organize your life. 

Learn more about our security enhancements here.

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