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Getting Started

What's the difference between the prototype and the new version?

Our prototype was launched in the summer of 2020. It gave our team the ability to test out our ideas about this platform. Like most prototypes, it was a sketch of our ideas and functions. With the feedback we gathered from our community, we have been able to build a new version that has all the functions and features that the community needs. You'll notice a drastic difference in the aesthetic and enhancements to the feature set.

Does everyone in my family have to pay for a subscription?

No! You can include up to 10 people in your account for the same price. Easily add more for a small monthly fee.


Can a co-parent have a restricted view so they only see what I want them to see and they need to see?

Yes, as the super admin of your family core membership, you control who has access to what they need to see - and only that. Our platform is flexible enough to enable your current spouse to be a co-admin and keep your ex properly informed about their child without seeing information about the other kids in your family.

Can I give restricted access to our nanny or au pere?

Absolutely. Roles for caregivers have restricted views so they do NOT have access to sensitive information unless you authorize it and such visibility can be revoked at any time. Helpful reminders keep you on point as a parent to do background checks, verify any certifications provided and confirm legal status to work.



File Sharing


What's the point of color coding?

To put it simply, it's an immediate visual reference for everyone in the family regarding a dependent or other family member. In calendars, for example, where it's not possible to see all the details, it makes it possible to tell who's got something happening that day.

Location Monitoring


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