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A Family Resource Planning System

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Everything your family needs to stay connected & organized. 
With The Family Core

It's Easy To Organize Life. 

Starting today, you can stay in the loop of every detail, be organized and keep connected. Our innovative family organization platform helps families stay connected, informed and involved through these integrated features:

  • Intuitive design for simplicity

  • Easily accessible from desktop, mobile, Google Play App and Apple App Store

  • The safety and security of 256-bit data encryption, HIPAA and COPPA compliance

  • Engage with family and trusted partners

  • Safely and securely store, organize and share important documents, files and account keychains

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Family Dashboard
Real-Time Activity Feed
Shared Family Calendars
Geo Location & Checkins
Customized Chat
Task Manager
Secure Document Storage
Password Keychain
Trusted Partner Access
Legal Collaboration
Emergency Estate Protocols
About the Platform

Unrivaled Safety and Security

Doing what is good and right by the families who entrust their daily details to us is a core value of ours. We've taken the time to steward the safety and security of our platform by implementing the best in data encryption, HIPPA and COPPA compliance protocols.


Securely upload documents with 256-Bit Encryption

Rest assured that medical and sensitive information is guarded with HIPAA Compliance Protocols

Give your kiddos a place to collaborate with you that is COPPA compliant

Two-Factor authentication with hotlink feature blends the best of security with convienence

Interior Design
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Stay Connected

Easily. With Anyone.

Invite your spouse, co-parent, co-parent's new spouse, young kiddos, teenagers, babysitter, pet sitter - even your family lawyer and other trusted family service providers. 

  • Customize their permissions to control their level of access and manage what they see and don't see

  • Easily communicate, assign and share information with the ability to add helpful reminders

  • Stay connected and engaged with loved ones as you organize life together

Keep Up

We stay on top of the due date so you never skip a beat. 

Let's face it, managing a family involves a million little details every day. Johnny has a science test tomorrow. Sally has a dental appointment on Friday. Don't forget to set that Amazon box out for your mother-in-law to pick up!  With The Family Core, we've built in helpful reminders and alerts to support you in keeping up with your loved ones. 

Intuitive and customizable reminders keep you and your family on track 

You have the power to control how and when you want to receive reminders

A daily activity log keeps you informed, even on those really busy days

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