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5 Family Activities for April Fools Fun

April Fools Day is just around the corner and you’re sure to see some epic pranks come across your social feed. This day can be an opportunity to create some entertaining family moments without having to cross the line at the expense of any family member.

Coming up with a few fun April Fools traditions can actually strengthen family bonds while taking a break from the ‘norm’ of daily life. You may find yourself searching for something that can create chuckles and leave an impression without hurting any feelings. Great! While these ideas have been circulating for years, here is a list of our Top 5 April Fools Day Ideas for Families.

Switch it up- This is a little bit of work for Mom or Dad after the kids are in bed, but it can be entertaining to see what happens when the kids wake up with their blankets, stuffed animals, or quilt switched with their siblings. While some children won’t notice right away, there seems to be one that catches on and starts looking around. It is even fun to have them “find” a few favorite blankets or stuffed animals on Mom’s bed. (“Mom, did you sleep with my unicorn blanket?”)

Ice Bugs- Purchase a few plastic spiders or bugs. Get your water boiling hot and pour into ice making trays and add the plastic bugs. The hotter the water is, the more clear the ice will be when frozen. When it is time to grab a drink, throw a few “special” ice cubes into the water and wait for a reaction. This is best for children that are old enough to know not to eat the plastic bugs!

Jello Juice- Follow the package directions to make red jello and pour a small amount into the bottom of some clear cups. Purchase crazy straws and drop one into each cup before refrigerating. Right before snack time, add a little bit of red juice on top of the solidified jello to fill the cups a little more and make it look like it is all juice. Children will initially think that the “fun” April Fools part is the crazy straw until they try to take a drink and get nothing.

Foolish Dinner Settings- This one is a blast and has been a favorite April Fools tradition for years! (It also may be the only day of the year when a teenager excitedly offers to set the table, so take advantage of it!) It requires that you grab a completely miscellaneous assortment of kitchen items - cooking spoons, pans, measuring cups/spoons, a gravy boat, an empty ice cube tray, salad tongs, a slotted serving spoon, a butter dish, etc. Try not to select anything that is “normally” part of a place setting. Set each place at the table with the random items. An ice cube tray could be a replacement for a dinner plate, the gravy boat replaces a cup, the salad tongs become eating utensils, and so on. After you have created enough crazy place settings, cover each one with a clean kitchen towel and you will be ready to call your family for dinner. Once everyone has been seated, pull off the dish towels and enjoy a crazy April Fools Dinner. We recommend a dinner menu that requires utensils - like a hearty stew or spaghetti. It is so much fun to watch everyone try to use the most random things to eat dinner. Make sure to have plenty of napkins nearby.

Dirt Pudding- This is just a simple dessert that can add to the silliness of your April Fools Day celebration. Mix crushed OREO cookies and chocolate pudding to create “dirt” and serve in a large glass bowl. If you really want to add something extra, throw some gummy worms into your dirt pudding for the children to find. Crush more OREO cookies for the top of the pudding and serve. If you really want to impress your family with the dessert, check out this recipe for Dirt Pudding from Neighbor Food.

It is pretty easy to step up your April Fools Day with a few things that the entire family can enjoy. Remember that the goal is to create moments that include everyone. If laughter is the best medicine, you can consider your prescription covered for April 1st!

If you really want to impress your family with the dessert, check out this recipe for Dirt Pudding from Neighbor Food.

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