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6 Tips to Prevent Family Disputes When Caring for Elderly Parents

Aging is a natural part of life, and it’s inevitable. Yet despite knowing this, watching your parent’s health decline isn’t easy — especially when they have always been active and strong.

How adult children react to their parent’s declining health is influenced by many factors, such as how well they get along with each other and how physically and emotionally connected each sibling is to the rest of the family.

Some of the more common issues that families argue about when their elderly parents require additional care are:

  • The type and amount of care the parent needs

  • How to share the care amongst siblings

  • Confusion over responsibilities

  • Unequal contributions to the caregiving

  • Money

Still, there are ways to minimize arguments and help the family navigate this stage of the elderly parent’s life more easily.

Start the way you want to end

Putting practical measures in place at the beginning could prevent problems later on.

The family can establish task division, decide how to raise issues, and organize family communication. This will allow siblings to feel heard, communicate respectfully, and make sure task division is fair. Rules can also ensure that stronger personalities don’t consistently influence all the decision-making.

Consider using The Family Core family organizing platform. This family chore app has many helpful features to assist you in creating positive sibling interactions. For example, you can create a customized chat with your siblings to stay connected.

Keep everyone in the loop

To help prevent disputes, everyone should be included in discussions and decision-making. Meetings can assist siblings in staying in regular contact, remaining informed, and identifying and dividing up tasks that need completing. In addition, they help prevent confusion over what needs to happen regarding care.

Organize your family meeting through The Family Core family organizing platform’s shared family calendar. Simply create an event, invite siblings, and upload relevant documents like medical reports for the meeting (users can even upload photos!). All sensitive documents are stored securely. The Family Core app also allows the family to collaborate with legal practitioners if required.

Practice good record-keeping

All siblings should keep records of purchases they make, medical reports, notes from discussions with health practitioners, and relevant emails. This information should be distributed so that all siblings are informed. The Family Core family resource planning system is a perfect record-keeping tool and is compliant with encryption and security standards including HIPPA and COPPA.

Effective communication is key

Past conflicts, personality clashes, and blaming behavior can make it challenging to discuss tough decisions.

While some arguments are inevitable, they don’t have to stop productive discussions. Stay focused on the present issues rather than raising past problems. Practice good listening skills and watch the difference it can make. The Family Core app’s customized chat feature is perfect for structuring conversations.

Divide responsibilities and costs evenly

Disputes will inevitably occur if one person does all the work or pays all the expenses. Have regular family meetings to identify outstanding tasks, costs, and how each sibling can help contribute. Then, consider using The Family Core chore app to create shared family calendars, a chat, events, and reminders. The clarity these features provide helps everyone manage their tasks by the due dates every time.

Keep it light-hearted

Lastly, encourage each other to take the time to do enjoyable activities and have fun rather than focus on the problems. Of course, the issues will be there when you return, but you will feel refreshed and tackle them much better.

Sharing the care of your elderly parents with siblings doesn't need to be fraught with problems. Use these helpful tips and The Family Core family organizing system to make this a truly rewarding time for the whole family.

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