Do You Have a Family MS Yet? #urgent

Updated: Feb 11

Today, it seems we all have mountains of files to manage at home: various types of identification cards, medical records, passports, driver’s licenses, insurance policies, bank accounts, memberships, subscriptions, financial plans, and so on.

Such is family life. It’s great; wonderful, even — except when things get a tad chaotic.

Trust us — you don’t want to be making travel plans only to find out one of your kids' passport has already expired.

We’ve all been there, one way or another. But there’s absolutely no need to stay stuck.

With a family management system, it gets easier to find order in the chaos. In fact, simply by adopting a family management system, chaos can become a thing of the past.

Not sure if a family MS is for you?

Check out these 5 key reasons why you need a family MS ASAP!

1. You have a blended family or are scattered all over

With more than half of American households comprising blended families, it now has become increasingly more difficult to manage details and files about every family member.

Aside from having to keep track of IDs, memberships, insurance and other documents that may need to be renewed periodically, you also have to provide details on where family members can find these in cases of emergency.

Then, there are chores, deadlines and emails to stay on top of, too. And just when you need some crucial info from your eldest child, you realize they’re a hundred miles away and not answering their phone!

With a family management system, you can collaborate easily with other family members and authorized users — whenever and wherever you may be. Simply use the family toggle feature and get the information or updates you need from another user quickly and easily.

2. You need help coordinating activities, updating files and so on

If you’re in charge of taking care of your aging parents and you also have your own family life to manage (think kids, pets and more!), staying in sync, organizing schedules and updating files can get overwhelming.

But if you have a family management system, you can add more users and customize permissions as to what they can access and do on your MS. This means you can invite your parents, kids, the caregiver or babysitter, accountant, lawyer, plumber and even your dog walker and provide them limited access to certain features. You can do away with to-do lists and post-its everywhere and just collaborate with others directly using your family MS.

3. Family members need quick access to certain files and documents

There was a time when all you had to do was do some digging in the attic to find birth and marriage certificates, property titles and so on. However, there was always the fear of termites destroying documents or losing those items in a fire or some other cause.

But if you have a family management system, you can organize and store all kinds of documents in your Family Core account and tag anyone who’s allowed access to those files.

What’s more, our document storage and sharing center is safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant.

4. There should be a secure central location for estate documents

When a family member passes, the loved ones they leave behind should be able to find estate documents in one secure place. This way, it becomes easier to locate wills, insurance policies and other estate-related paperwork.

And with our legacy planning protocol, you can easily appoint a guardian to access the family MS account with the help of your family attorney.

5. You want to be able to share things seamlessly with other family members

Sharing and collaboration are fundamental aspects of family life.

With a family MS, you can share your location, chat, document and keychain information in real time. Also, our all-in-one platform with customizable permissions makes secure (HIPAA and COPPA compliant) sharing super-fast and convenient. This makes it possible to share info (like your Netflix password) with other users worry-free.

So, ready to get your family MS?

Start your FREE 7-day trial with The Family Core.

If you have questions or want to know more about our family operations system, please contact us.


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