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Heads or Tails

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Quality Family Time.

Sometimes those three words feel completely daunting when you are already juggling so many other things - work, school, schedules, drop-offs, appointments, errands, homework, sports or activities, meals, etc. You know the list. It’s the ‘daily life’ part of living. The truth is that we KNOW that spending quality time together as a family is essential to a healthier, happier home life. Time together helps us to feel connected. It gives us moments with each other that can become memories. In this crazy busy world, it allows our family the chance to just be.

The real trick is figuring out what to do. What family activity can we do together today that will pull my teens away from their electronic devices? What will keep my younger children engaged? Are there any low cost or free family activities that do not require hours of preparation on my end?

That is where we come in. At Family Core, our mission is to help families. We don’t just want you to feel like you are muddling through while barely holding it together. We want to see you succeed gloriously. We all need a community and a support system. Perhaps some of the ideas that we share will inspire you. With that in mind, here is our first Family Fun idea.

Heads or Tails Adventure

  • Supplies Needed: one coin

  • Age Focus: Children and Adults of all ages can participate.

This family bonding activity can happen anywhere outdoors. The basic idea is that every time you come to a decision point or crossroads, you have someone flip a coin.

  • Heads you go Right

  • Tails you go Left

This activity can be played as you walk, hike, bike, scooter, or skateboard.

It is easy to do at the zoo, at a local park, in your neighborhood, on a hiking trail, or at a nature preserve. You could even move the activity into a vehicle in case you are desperate for a family activity on a stormy day. It does require that someone - usually a parent - keeps track of where you are going and knows when to head back.

The idea of going but not exactly knowing where you are going is an adventure. It gives children, from teens to toddlers, a chance to flip the coin and determine the next direction that everyone will take. Everyone is involved. Everyone moves together. Sometimes, going left may mean going up a harder hill. You might even have someone that begs you to let them flip it again. (“I don’t want to go that way!”) Stick with the directions. Remind them it is an adventure. Tackle the hill with enthusiasm. Try to find something down each path that you can point out or appreciate. You may even want to grab a photo or two of the coin flip and the faces that are made.

This family activity can also allow for a Reflection Moment once it is over.

Reflection Moment - an opportunity to discuss what you noticed, learned, felt, or experienced.

Get some feedback from your family and use it as a discussion starter. How did you feel when we had to go left and up the bigger hill? What was something that you saw today that you haven’t noticed before? What was the easiest/most challenging part of this adventure? You can keep coming up with questions as they share their thoughts.

Are you ready for your next unique family adventure? Flip a coin.

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