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How to Parent Your Child While Caring for an Elderly Parent

You may have heard of the “Sandwich Generation.” These are people who care for their children and elderly parents simultaneously. If you’re thinking, “That’s me!” you’re certainly not alone.

Nearly 50 percent of adults in their 40s and 50s belong to this category. The stress of full-time work and caring for two generations of family members often causes this group of people to feel overwhelmed, making it harder to balance their responsibilities, let alone include any fun in their day.

If you can relate, some of the experiences you might also be going through are:

  • Stress from managing the needs of younger kids and teenagers while dealing with a deterioration in the health of your parents

  • Financial pressure from caring for two dependent generations

  • No time for fun or self-care

  • A decline in physical and emotional health

  • Lack of quality time with your child

  • No time for housework

However, you can learn how to handle these challenges and regain order and peace (and hopefully fun) in your life. Here are some tips.

Create time for yourself

Feeling constant stress and negative emotions can make us interpret everyday life experiences through a lens of anxiety and strain, which then creates more stress in a self-perpetuating cycle.

To break this cycle, it’s helpful to make time to simply sit and breathe deeply several times each day. Taking a few very deep, slow breaths while focusing on your chest rising and falling can help your heart rate normalize and may alleviate the stress you may be feeling. This creates clearer, calmer thinking.

If we are centered and calm before going about our day, we give ourselves a better chance to respond appropriately and even say “no” to some demands.

Schedule these regular respite moments into your day with The Family Core app, a family organizing platform. By setting up customized reminders, you will create a powerful habit of connecting with your inner calm during the day. Eventually, you can lengthen these breaks as you get used to scheduling your "me" time.

Become super organized

Let’s face it, we all try to remember every task in our heads, but the truth is most people’s brains are simply not hard-wired to recall duties in this way.

Instead, try writing everything down.

When you think of something that requires your attention or action, such as making an appointment or grocery shopping — record it.

Recording your tasks is critical! There are two ways to do this. One, you can write a to-do list. However, the problem with to-do lists is that they are time-consuming, and nearly everyone loses their lists (and their precious brain dump of tasks!).

So, you might want to opt for this better, easier alternative:

Use The Family Core family resource planning system

The Family Core family organizing platform can do all the hard work for you.

This secure and intuitive chore app for families allows you to easily create, manage, and schedule chores. The shared calendars will help other family members know exactly what appointments and tasks are coming up for them, and customizable reminders will keep everyone on track all day. The daily activity log lets you see all your tasks for the day in one place.

You can also securely load important documents, files, and account keychains in the platform, so your data is securely stored, organized, and can be shared without risk.

Creating balance

By acknowledging how you feel and following these helpful tips, you can learn to balance the demands of caregiving and create more order and time in your life for the activities you enjoy.

Find out how The Family Core app can bring more balance and calm into your life.

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