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Sharing the care of an elderly parent

Do you remember saying, “I wish I were an only child!” as a young person when your siblings annoyed you? Little did you know then, when it comes to caring for an elderly parent, having siblings can be the best thing. This is because the ongoing care involved in meeting the needs of an aging parent is often too much for one person. Sharing the responsibilities with a sibling can make the job easier.

However, there are challenges too, which include:

  • Siblings in different locations

  • Unfair division of tasks

  • Disorganization


When siblings reside away from their elderly parents, they can be detached from their parents’ day-to-day health and care issues. Because they don’t see the elderly parent’s daily challenges, they could think that higher care levels are unnecessary. This means more responsibility falls on the sibling living locally, who must become the primary caregiver.

This situation can be managed by regularly communicating the reality of the elderly parent’s health needs with all adult children. It can also be beneficial to hold family meetings. Regular family meetings will ensure that relevant information is shared, and they provide an opportunity for family members to express what is occurring with the elderly parent candidly. In addition, everyone should be kept informed on an ongoing basis. The Family Core family organization platform is a great way to coordinate communication between adult children, parents, and even health practitioners. It includes the ability to create events and

invitations to the family, as well as reminders. It also features a customizable chat that makes instant communication an easy and safe way to keep family members involved and informed.

Unfair division of tasks

Adult children who provide care to an elderly parent may find they do most of the caregiving at times. Sometimes this is because siblings disagree about the type and amount of care that their elderly parents need. Sometimes it can be due to confusion over what tasks truly need to be completed. When tasks are not done or when one person is doing more than their fair share, it can be stressful and might create resentment and ill-feeling between family members. Sometimes this ill-feeling impacts the care provided to the elderly parent.

It is vital to make sure all siblings know the extent of their parent’s issues and are made aware of the work involved in managing them.

Using The Family Core family resource planning system, schedule a family meeting or chat and try discussing individual care roles for each family member involved in caring for the elderly parent. Then, each member can create tasks from that discussion with reminders. The tasks can be viewed by the group who can contact the sibling if issues arise.


Caring for an elderly parent involves coordinating many medical and health appointments, visits, monitoring medication and prescriptions, shopping, and organizing other personal care needs. These tasks are often critical to the ongoing well-being of the elderly parent and need to be managed well so they are not missed or forgotten.

The Family Core is the best family organizer with intuitive and customizable reminders to keep you and your family on track. It also includes a daily activity log that keeps everyone informed about what tasks are coming up – especially on busy days. Using The Family Core is simple — everything is all in the one place, ensuring you will never miss an important appointment again.

Sharing the care of your elderly parent with a sibling has the potential to be stressful, but it doesn't need to be if you follow these helpful tips. Use The Family Core family organization platform, and it will be easy to organize your shared responsibilities together.

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