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When You LOVE to Chat

The Family Core Keeps You Talking

Have you ever seen someone smile at their phone? While it can be a social post or Meme that grabs their attention, it may just be a supportive or clever response in a chat.

We just launched the Chat feature for the Family Core! Chatting through a device isn't just a fun perk anymore. It is an instantaneous way to connect and share news. Families of all stages and types thrive when communication happens regularly and effectively. Since streamlining communication in families is one of our main objectives, we had to bring that functionality to the Family Core.

"Any problem, big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication."

- Emma Thompson

We want you to keep the lines of good communication open. Our Chat feature makes possible and very simple. The Chat feature allows messages to be added to the Family Chat that everyone can see. We want to keep everyone safe and smiling. If your family needs a place to share their victories, jokes or the highs and lows of daily moments, you are going to enjoy the Family Core Chat!

You may have noticed a few bug fixes in the Family Core this week. We are actively working on some general bug fixes and the updates are happening as quickly as we can fix them.

We want you to get the conversation started and keep it going. We'd love to hear what your first Chat messages and responses were!

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