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New Version Launching Summer 2021!

Our mission is to provide parents and their families with tools and resources that decrease family stress and increase their family harmony through organizational efficiency, enabling greater quality of life together. We seek to help our users save time so they can spend it where it truly matters.

In early 2020 we launched our prototype which gave us great insights into the functions and features most important to families like yours. Now we have taken that feedback and created the new Family Core platform which will launch this summer. 

You can still register for the prototype here. Or use the buttons below to get involved with our upcoming project. 


Your Whole Family in one place for just $1.99 a month.

Keep your family in sync! The Family Core is a comprehensive family management platform designed to keep daily life organized. Our program supports your ability to stay consistent  and connected as parents whether you are a busy nuclear family, co-parenting through divorce, parallel parenting, single parenting or caring for aging parents. We provide a secure and private chat feature, geolocation service, encrypted web based data storage system accessible by iOS and Android Apps as well as a Google compatible-task driven Calendar with color coding assignment. Our software service provides parents and their families with the tools and resources necessary to increase family efficiency & communication while decreasing stress.

Users who join the prototype now will have their subscription rate locked in when the new version launches!





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